Mr. Stanley’s 35+ years of work experience in emergency management began as Director of Emergency Management for Brunswick County, North Carolina in 1975. While in Brunswick County he was selected as the First Fire Marshal for the jurisdiction as well as served as Fire and Rescue Commissioner. There Mr. Stanley was responsible for helping to develop a strong public safety infrastructure and overseeing the volunteer fire and rescue operations within the county.

Mr. Stanley was appointed in 1982 as the Director of the Durham-Durham County Emergency Management Agency where he worked very close with the world’s largest research park in the North Carolina Triangle area and was heavily involved with hazardous materials planning.

In 1987 Mr. Stanley was appointed by the Governor of Georgia as the Director of the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency. As part of the Public Safety Department for the City of Atlanta, Mr. Stanley served as a key advisor to the Public Safety Director. While in Atlanta, Mr. Stanley had extensive experience in major event planning (1988 Democratic National Convention, 1995 Mandela visit, and the 2006 International Olympic Games).

Mr. Stanley was appointed in 1997 as Assistant City Administrative Officer for the City of Los Angeles and in 2000 as the General Manager of the Emergency Preparedness Department for the City of Los Angeles until his retirement in 2007.

Mr. Stanley joined Dewberry, LLC in November 2007 as Director of Western Emergency Management Services.

In March of 2008 Mr. Stanley was selected to be the Director of DNC Planning for the City & County of Denver, CO. Because of the success of the Democratic National Convention, August 29, 2008 was proclaimed “The Ellis Stanley Day in Denver”.